Investment Process

Nowhere is our "complex made simple" mind-set more befitting than when it comes to our investment process. We don't rely on a static buy-and-hold (-and-hope) approach, nor do we try to time the market or let knee-jerk reactions dictate how we invest. Instead, we combine traditional asset allocation with proactive investment management through a Core-Tactical rules-based approach.  It begins with the construction of a low-cost, risk-appropriate, diversified allocation, which represents the core of each client portfolio.  Then, we augment that core with one of our tactical investment strategies that address current market conditions, the global economic climate, and your personal investor profile.  By melding these two methodologies into a single blueprint, we create the potential for incremental investment returns, beyond the antiquated "set-it-and-forget-it" investment model.  




Core Allocation

The core allocation represents the foundation of your portfolio and is constructed based on your personal financial profile, long-term investment objectives, and tax-efficiency considerations. The result is a risk-appropriate, globally-diverse portfolio foundation, invested almost exclusively among low-cost, highly liquid, passive investments.  

  • Asset Class Diversity
  • Global
  • Tax-Sensitive
  • Based on Risk Tolerance
  • Examined Annually





Tactical Allocation

The tactical allocation offers incremental performance potential, by attempting to capitalize on market opportunities, reduce market exposure during market declines, or further portfolio diversification.  The amount of the tactical allocation is determined on a client-by-client basis and may include both passive and active investments.  A variety of strategies are considered when implementing the tactical allocation:

  • Equity Overweights or Underweights
  • Sector Rotations
  • Alternative Investments
  • Dividend or Income Concentrations
  • Tax-Preferred Investments
  • Individual Stocks