About Us

Planning your financial future is one of the most important, and often overwhelming, endeavors you can initiate—especially given the pace at which the wealth management industry changes. That's why we believe that defining our core principles is essential to providing you with an understanding of what motivates and inspires our firm. We appreciate that you have choices in who serves as the steward of your financial future, and we encourage you to work with a firm whose principles resonate with you. These are the core principles that drive all that we do at Tilton Wealth Management: 



Expert Advice

As your financial life evolves, so too will your planning and investment efforts. Our goal is to deliver meaningful advice throughout your journey. We are committed to engaging in continuing education, networking to discover new planning and investment solutions, and staying on top of changes in industry regulations. Also, since we're backed by expert planning, investment, and insurance teams, we deliver the highest levels of advice in all wealth management areas.  



The financial industry can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why we believe that complete transparency is an essential ingredient in helping you achieve financial peace of mind.  You will never be left in the dark.  We are commited to having an honest dialogue about what you need to know, from disclosing fees and expenses, to explaining various planning and investment solutions.  



Client Experience

From the quality of the advice we provide, to the attention we pay to your financial life, or how we foster a healthy environment for you to share your financial hopes and dreams, we are exceedingly committed to delivering a stunningly great client experience. Our goal is to make your life easier, make you feel valued, and show you results.  



Work Ethic

There are many talented professionals working in the financial industry, and selecting a skilled advisor is certainly important to your long-term planning efforts. We believe that what separates us from the pack is our commitment to offering world-class service in conjunction with expert advice.  We promise that no one will work harder for you than us!




We believe it's our job to simplify the complexities in your financial life so that understand the details of your wealth plan and, more importantly, feel good about the path you're on. We take great care in minimizing our use of industry jargon, which enables us to have productive conversations about what really matters to you. "Complex made simple" is more than just our motto—it's the backdrop behind everything we do.  




The Women’s Choice Award Financial Program is based on 17 objective criteria associated with providing quality service to women clients, such as credentials, experience, and a favorable regulatory history, among other factors. Financial advisors do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors, though they may have paid a basic program fee to cover the cost of their client survey. The inclusion of a financial advisor within the Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisor network should not be construed as an endorsement of the financial advisor by WomenCertified Inc. or its partners and affiliates and is no guarantee as to future investment success.  Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisors and Firms represent less than 1% of financial advisors in the U.S. As of February 2015, of the 492 considered for the Women’s Choice Award, 87 were named Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors/Firms.  The criteria provided reflects the most recent year for which Financial Advisors/Firms received the award. The criteria used, the number of Financial Advisors/Firms considered for the award, and the number of those who receive the ward, may vary from year to year. For more information, please visit www.womenschoiceaward.com.

Five Star Award is based on 10 objective eligibility and evaluation criteria, including a minimum of 5 years as an active credentialed financial professional, favorable regulatory and complaint history, accepts new clients, client retention rates, client assets administered, education, and professional designations. 2,530 Boston wealth managers were considered for the award; 632 (25 percent of candidates) were named 2016 Five Star Wealth Managers. (The criteria provided reflects the most recent year for which advisor received the award. The criteria used, the number of wealth managers considered for the award, and the percentage of those who receive the award, may vary from year to year). These awards are not indicative of the wealth managers' future performance. Your experiences may vary. For more information, please visit www.fivestarprofessional.com.